Which soft skills foster talent in the workplace?

Critical thinking, life-long learning, planning, flexibility, adaptability, agility. These constitute the set of soft skills that a talented employee should possess, according to the 2016 ManpowerGroup report on the skills for cultivating talent in the workplace.

Based on these widely recognised and highly demanded skills throughout the job market, this research defines what constitutes talent in the workplace. The study was conducted on a global scale, including 3,791 businesses that have been active in 8 European countries.

The fundamental conclusions of this study, as identified by ManpowerGroup, are as follows:

  • This basic skillset is recognised and accepted by medium-sized and smaller businesses, although its recognition is not limited solely to HR departments.
  • The ideal employee profile is differentiated from the past and now includes a combination of skills, such as planning, flexibility and team spirit. Problem solving, commitment to goals and cooperation are the skills most closely associated with talent.
  • Soft skills play a consistent role through all generations. Digital skills are bound to Millennials and the emphasis on their development will significantly enhance competiveness in relation to innovation.
  • Regardless of whether this competitive mix of skills is recognised, from which talent is assessed, holding on to and developing talent has become one of the main future challenges facing businesses.
  • Adaptability, or the potential to fit in and evolve within a constantly changing business environment, has become the most important factor in the success of talent.

According to this research, the set of soft skills that constitute talent confirms the diversity of the ideal employee profile, combining skills such as planning, flexibility in teamwork and cooperation. Hence, problem solving (69%), commitment to goals (58%) and cooperation (57%) are the three most desirable skills required to foster talent in the workplace.

by Dimitris Diamantidis, New Media & Marketing Director, hyphen SA


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