“One step ahead of the competition”

Questions and Answers about ROIEDU Global Skills

– Who is the ROIEDU Global Skills programme for? The programme aims at teenagers and young adults who are preparing to enter the work market, either for a dynamic Start-Up or to find work in the competitive international arena.

– What is the programme’s purpose? The programme is conducted exclusively in English and it simultaneously develops technical skills, communication skills and cross-cultural understanding through the experience of hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives. Actual practices such as cost centres are taught, which even MBA graduates don’t properly connect to the actual work market. The programme is supported by internationally approved material published by the University of Cambridge.

– What are the costs and benefits of the ROIEDU Global Skills programme? The cost is lower than that of preparation for a foreign language certificate, while the mandatory use of English and the “live” terminology introduce the learner to the actual market language. The trainee graduates with a complete hard copy and electronic portfolio, which makes them highly competitive even in advanced markets.


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