The importance of soft skills

The importance of soft skills for candidates entering domestic and international job markets was the focus of discussion for hyphen SA’s Production & Education Director, Fani Tsatsaia, during her interview on the radio show presented by Athens-Macedonian News Agency journalist, Alexandra Gouta.

Fani Tsatsaia explained that irrespective of degrees and foreign language certifications, today’s professionals should develop skills that will distinguish them and set them apart in their working environment.

The five most significant soft skills required by candidates entering the job market were outlined during the interview and are summarised below:

It is imperative that candidates demonstrate that they can provide solutions rather than answers, and this must be clearly demonstrated during interview. Employers are inclined to hire people who take action during moments of crisis, and successful candidates are evaluated based on the effectiveness of the solutions they’ve provided.

It is also crucial for candidates to understand that they are not individual units. Team production cannot be compared to individual production. That is why candidates must be able to integrate in a group and collaborate effectively with colleagues.

Furthermore, one should not ignore the importance of oral communication. There are candidates who have multiple qualifications but find it difficult to communicate even the smallest piece of information.

Prioritisation is yet another important skill. Planners are not a necessity just because they constitute the basic tool of recording work, but rather, because they enable employees to prioritise their tasks according to realistic outcomes.

Finally, it is very important for employees to be able to give their employers the correct and relevant information about how a process or meeting evolved. It is essential for them to be able to provide their employers with a clear picture of what actually happened, without hiding or embellishing details.


by Fani Tsatsaia, Education & Production Director, hyphen SA


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