We get certificates, but do we get skills?

Skills or accumulation of certificates?

This is not a simple answer and it requires a profound analysis of clues and data.

When we “judge” the state of our education based on the “production” of Higher Education Schools, we realise that in Thessaloniki alone, there are more lawyers than Sweden, with a population of 10 million.

The unstoppable accumulation of degrees and certificates progressively has no value in the job market nor effect on the earnings of people who have spent many years of their lives at university. Greece has the most doctors pro rata in the world (7 for every 1000 inhabitants), together with Cuba.

Few countries have so many leading scientists, while at the same time experiencing a lull in the production of scientific publications of Greek “origin”. In 2016, Greece fell behind 6% compared to the publications of Egypt (based on Scopus calculations), while in 2015, it outnumbered Denmark, Finland, Norway and Israel. Moreover, none of the 600 and more scientific publications of 2015-2016 were attributed to a main writer from a Greek university.

Greece is developing into a country with a lot of university graduates, but without seriously knowledgeable scientists in areas where the country needs them. In many fields, the only option for graduates is to tutor children, leading to more young people applying to the same schools and to the same tragic dead end.

So, if you wonder why you can’t find work, despite your many certificates and degrees, the αriston Pioneers΄ League community and the ROIEDU Global Skills programme may have the answers to your questions.

Questions like how to find work across the world, develop your professional profile and your personal portfolio, succeed in a job interview and create the best CV for the promotion of your numerous qualifications.

According to a study by the University of Phoenix, the skills that every employee should have by 2020 are social intelligence, a design mindset, cross cultural competence, transdisciplinarity and other similar transferable skills.

In these times, when certificates are not as important as what you can actually do, the answer is to upgrade our abilities, regardless of what we have studied, what job we do or where we live, if we want a better professional future and a better quality of life, for us and for our families.

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by Dimitris Diamantidis, New Media & Marketing Director, hyphen SA


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