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1. What is the αriston Pioneers’ League community?

The community is comprised of young adults who strive to develop themselves through further education and wish to promote their skills to future employers.

2. Who is the αriston Pioneers’ League community and its programmes created for?

The αriston Pioneers’ League is a community whose members include students (teenagers), university students and young adults preparing to enter the job market. Young adults aged have the opportunity to network within the community and to learn new ways to develop their personal and social skills. The educational programme that supports this community is ROIEDU Global Skills.

3. What are the benefits of becoming a member of the αriston Pioneers’ League community?

Participation in the three-month programme offers students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with global market management practices, create their own portfolio and learn successful interview techniques for entry into university, as well as how to formally introduce themselves to prospective employers worldwide.

The programme offers a learning styles test that enables students to understand the ways in which they learn most effectively. Students are also taught how to create an impressive CV that will ensure they remain competitive in the job market.

The programme is taught in English, allowing students to be immersed in “live” terminology by using current market jargon.

4. How can I become a member of the αriston Pioneers’ League community?

Join our community via our Facebook page and receive updates on everything regarding the business community.

5. Where can I find more information about the αriston Pioneers’ League programmes?

For further information on ROIEDU Global Skills, click here.