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Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t find a job, regardless of your many qualifications? Have you given up on the prospect of a better salary? The αriston Pioneers’ League community and the ROIEDU Global Skills programme have the answers you’ve been looking for.

Secure employment anywhere in the world, enhance your professional profile and personal portfolio and learn how to succeed in job interviews and how to create an impressive CV that highlights your key skills. Finally, understand that mastering the English language is your most important pathway to success. The ROIEDU Global Skills programme is your strongest competitive advantage, enabling you to become expert in intercultural communication and a leader in today’s workplace! Become a member and benefit from opportunities to network and form collaborations.

The αriston Pioneers’ League community awaits you!


The αriston project CODEX: A road map to personal and entrepreneurial actualisation

Codex implies a “code” and when we refer to entrepreneurial actualisation, we mean that entrepreneurship is activated as a soul-driven intention for any individual, whether they literally own a business or not.



Τhe αriston project codex codifies through experience all the small goals we set, in other words, the baby steps which we need to take daily, in order to be consistently successful and resourceful. It is a reference book, or rather, a guide to have and use in various stages of life. The αriston project codex equips us with simple and comprehensive tools that enable us to manage the jungle surrounding us, no matter its nature, from the early age of 9 to the age of 99.

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